‘Celebration of Lights’ 3rd &4th November – Be prepared to be enlightened

Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses is pleased to announce Event#2: Celebration of Lights the 3rd and 4th November at twilight. The event will start with a procession from Arsenal Tube Station and will continue to the Green House for a bright evening of delight.

Ticket: £25. Please book BEFORE SATURDAY 27th OCTOBER. No reservation accepted afterwards.

Info and reservation: Ludivine at ludi@blacksheepscape.com

Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses, Tasteful Events in Unexpected Places – is the art project of Ludivine Baruton, landscape architect, actress and fine gourmet. She has decided to combine these passions and collaborate with artists, designers, patissiers… to create a series of participative events made of theatre, games, surprises, dreams, cakes and tea and taking place in a temporary garden made by herself. Each event is themed differently, according to the place and season.


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